Windows 8 Top 10 Hidden Features

Just found this excellent article from Sandro Villinger.

Have a read if your curious about Windows 8 feature list.  Otherwise, here’s a sneak peak:

  1. Windows App Store
  2. Two UI Mode:  Aero & “Immersive UI”, the latter being touch-friendly and targeting tablets
  3. Hybrid boot:  a combination of Hibernate & Log off allowing you to boot under 30 seconds
  4. Automatic Maintenance:  happening on PC idle time, it detects problems, fix them & defrag all hard drives.
  5. Disk Defragmenter & Spot Verifier:  the new defrag handles Solid State Drive (SSD) while the spot verifier detects bad sectors
  6. Performance boost:  apparently Windows 8 has better response time than Windows 7 with identical configuration (machine).  Microsoft probably addressed contention point in the memory model to allow more parallelism & do more aggressive “perceived performance” optimization.
  7. Clicks reduction:  the UI is optimized to reduced the amount of user interaction in order to accomplish different tasks
  8. Windows Explorer:  Redesigned, comes with a ribbon and again reduces the amount of click required to accomplished typical tasks.
  9. ISO Mounting:  Windows 8 comes with ISO mounting capability out-of-the-box, no more needs to download a 3rd party for that.
  10. Shadow copy management:  allows you to go back in time to restore old versions of a folder.

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