PyCon Canada 2019

I had the pleasure to attend the PyCon (Python Conference) Canada 2019 in Toronto a weekend ago (November 16-17). In this article I wanted to give a quick review of the event from my perspective and then describe quickly the talks I went to. Talks will be put on Pycon’s YouTube channel. I’ll try to … More PyCon Canada 2019

Accessing Azure Key Vault from within Azure API Management

Today we look at a common although slightly advanced scenario with API Management: accessing Azure Key Vault from Azure API Management. In an Enterprise, API Management service are often shared between teams. This means a lot of people might open it in the Portal and look at it. It also means that putting secrets in … More Accessing Azure Key Vault from within Azure API Management

Introduction to AKS

I had the pleasure to present an introduction to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to a customer crowd yesterday. A big part of the presentation was a demo of basic functionalities where I went through the creation of pods, deployments, services & looked at monitoring. The demo is on GitHub here. I thought I would share … More Introduction to AKS