DocumentDB Async Querying & Streaming

UPDATE (31-08-2017):  This article is superseded by the new article Cosmos DB Async Querying & Streaming. Working with the .NET client SDK of Azure DocumentDB, I couldn’t find a way to query the store asynchronously. ***This post relates to the version 0.9.1-preview of Microsoft Azure DocumentDB Client Library. If you work with another major version, this might … More DocumentDB Async Querying & Streaming

The Missing Windows 8 Instructional Video

Scott Hanselman has produced an high quality video on YouTube. The video is a nice and comprehensive introduction to Windows 8 for everyone (i.e. not geek only). My experience with Windows 8 is that once you’ve figured out a few things (e.g. how to activate contextual Search), you can start appreciating the product.  Before that, … More The Missing Windows 8 Instructional Video

Entity Framework with Asynchronous behaviours

They finally did it:  the future release of Entity Framework (version 6) will sport asynchronous behaviour based on .NET 4.0 Task Parallel Library (TPL). The API is pretty neat.  First the SaveChanges gets an async brother SaveChangesAsync returning a Task.  So we can now write things like: await context.SavesChangesAsync(); The more complicated topic is the … More Entity Framework with Asynchronous behaviours