Hypersphere Volume

In our last article we looked at how the dimension of data space impacts Machine Learning algorithms.  This is often referred to as the curse of dimensionality. At the heart of the article we discussed the fact that an hypersphere hyper-volume trends to zero as dimension increases. Here I want to demonstrate how to find … More Hypersphere Volume

Training a model to predict failures

Today a quick entry to talk about a twist on Machine Learning for the predictive maintenance problem. The Microsoft Cortana Intelligence team wrote an interesting blog the other day:  Evaluating Failure Prediction Models for Predictive Maintenance. When you listen to all the buzz around Machine Learning, it sometimes feels as if we’ve solved all the … More Training a model to predict failures

How to do Data Science

These days, it’s all about Data Science. What is Data Science? Last month Brandon Rohrer, from the Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog, came up with an excellent post. How to do Data Science? The post basically goes over the workflow I reproduced at the right here. I found this article both complete and succinct:  … More How to do Data Science

Strong AI & Existential Risks

There has been a recrudescence of hysterical talks about Strong Artificial Intelligence (AI) lately. Strong AI is artificial intelligence matching and eventually going beyond the full human cognitive capacity.  Weak AI, by opposition, is the replication of some facets of human cognition:  face recognition, voice recognition, pattern matching, etc.  . The ultimate goal of AI is to … More Strong AI & Existential Risks

Azure ML – Over fitting with Neural Networks

In a past post, I discussed the concept of over fitting in Machine Learning.  I also alluded to it in my post about Polynomial Regression. Basically, over fitting occurs when your model performs well on training data and poorly on data it hasn’t seen. In here I’ll give an example using Artificial Neural Networks.  Those … More Azure ML – Over fitting with Neural Networks