Corporate Cultures

It is said that Netflix represents the new I.T. corporation well. If you are interested in seeing what their corporate culture looks like, have a look a the slide deck they show to their job candidates. It has all the flair of the typical Silicon Valley shop with their “we know better than those bunch … More Corporate Cultures

Team IQ

I’m still catching up on the articles I read months ago and wanted to share with you! This one has been published in the New York Times and is about the intelligence of a team or the team IQ.  It asks why some teams are smarter than others? It starts by stating two fundamental truths … More Team IQ

Large Projects

There is something about large projects that you’ll never find, hence never learn, in smaller projects. The complexity, both technical and in terms of people dynamics, creates an all new set of challenges. I read the article I Survived an ERP Implementation – Top 10 Gems of Advice I Learned the Hard Way at the … More Large Projects

Agile Trade-offs

It was very refreshing to read Paul Dolman-Darrall’s article about the trade-offs to adopt in an agile delivery model. Agile is more than 10 years old but still have whimsical attributes of a brand new artefact.  I believe this isn’t unique to agile but tend to be the case for any delivery methodology.  It seems … More Agile Trade-offs

Solution Skill Quadrants–Part II, Solution Architecture

In the last blog post I introduced my own patented Solution Skill model: I won’t repeat the content of the last blog post, that’s what hyperlinks are for.  The goal of this post is to address this simple question:  as a Solution Architect, how can you help the situation? Well, your main goal should be … More Solution Skill Quadrants–Part II, Solution Architecture