A first look into Windows 8

Stephen Chapman, from Microsoft Kitchen, dug up some Microsoft leaked slides about Windows 8.

Of course, it is early, it is unofficial, it’s only one notch above gossip, but we’re curious!  So what’s in it?

You can read the article, but I’ll pick up those points:

  • A great interest in Apple recent success (e.g. brand management, Apple Store)
  • Windows Store:  You purchase software there and it follows you on your different devices ().  Do they plan to leverage Live Mesh, Grid Soft and the rest?
  • Face recognition for login.  Will it be mainstream or will do like voice recognition in Windows 7 (IMO, a nice gadget to show off to your friends but something you don’t really use)
  • Slate is an explicit form factor ()
  • Fast start-up (a log-off + hibernate cheap trick)
  • A Windows Reset that would be effectively re-installing Windows but keeping User Data ()

As I said, very early, but interesting.

And again…  Windows 8 won’t be based on Singularity if we trust those slides!

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